Hard Floor Cleaning Hornsey

hard-floor-cleaning-hornseyNatural stone, linoleum, granite, slate and other types of hard floors are nice investments with are durable enough, but need professional cleaning. This is work which should be done with rotary machines and specially designated detergents.

We can help you with the maintenance of your hard floors providing professional washing and polishing on them. Our cleaning personnel are experienced, certified and know how to sanitise all kinds of floors.

Use the hard floor cleaning and polishing which we offer to the Hornsey, N8 residents on a regular basis for long-lasting results.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Hornsey

You can rely on our staff to wash your hard floors and keep them in perfect condition. They provide:

  • Initial inspection and testing of the cleaning products
  • Spraying the chosen cleaning solution
  • Using high-speed rotary machines to wash the tiles and slates
  • Cleaning by hand some areas which can’t be reached by the machines
  • Rinsing and wiping dry the cleaned floor

“Last Friday I called a specialist at your company as I needed a hard floor cleaning and polishing service. I was explained all the details without rushing and was given all the information I needed. The cleaner was punctual and courteous. He was very careful and worked professionally. All I have to say is, thanks for your amazing service.” – Daniel

We can sanitise marble, linoleum, ceramic, granite, terracotta, thermoplastic tiles, vinyl and other hard floors. Our workers have undergone professional trainings to learn how to do the work effectively and use rotary machines. They check the type of floor covering and choose suitable detergents for it.

Affordable Hard Floor Cleaning N8

hard-floor-cleaning-polishing-hornseyThe rotary machines which our employees use have soft brushes that spread the cleaning solution and remove the soiling from the floor. After that, they conduct rinsing and drying of the floor area. Our staff provide buffing to make the surfaces shine. Get in touch with us to book the hard floor cleaning and polishing we carry out in N8 to our customers.

After cleaning and drying the floor, our employees use polishing agents and machines to remove tougher grime and darkening from the floor. They spread the sealants to ensure deeper cleaning from the lower layers of the tiles and slates. The sealing which we perform also has maintenance function.

Tiles, slates and floor surfaces which have been covered with sealants last longer and look better. Rely on our staff to implement professional hard floor cleaning and polishing in your residential or business estate, located in Hornsey and you will get excellent outcome.

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